How to resolve ORA-01425 Error Message in Oracle database

Learn the cause and how to resolve the ORA-01425 error message in Oracle.


When you come upon an ORA-01425 error, the following error message will appear:

ORA-01425: break out personality have to be persona string of size 1


You tried to execute a LIKE condition the usage of an break out character, but you tried to outline the escape character as a string longer than 1 character.


The option(s) to resolve this Oracle error are:

Option #1

Try modifying your LIKE situation to use an get away personality that is one persona long.

For example, if you tried to execute the following SQL statement:

FROM suppliers
WHERE supplier_name LIKE 'H%!!%' ESCAPE '!!';

This example denotes the !! character as the get away character. However, seeing that !! is two characters long, you would receive the following error message:

You may want to correct this error via using ! as the escape character, instead of !!.

FROM suppliers
WHERE supplier_name LIKE 'H%!%' ESCAPE '!';

This instance returns all suppliers whose identify starts offevolved with H and ends in %. For example, it would return a fee such as ‘Hello%’.