How to resolve ORA-02290 Error Message in Oracle database

Learn the cause and how to unravel the ORA-02290 error message in Oracle.


When you encounter an ORA-02290 error, the following error message will appear:

ORA-02290: check constraint violated


You tried to execute a SQL declaration that violated a check constraint.


The option(s) to resolve this Oracle error are:

Option #1

Rewrite the SQL declaration so that the test constraint is not violated.

For example, if you created the following table:

CREATE TABLE suppliers
( supplier_id numeric(4),
  supplier_name varchar2(50),
  CONSTRAINT check_supplier_id
    CHECK (supplier_id BETWEEN 100 and 9999)

And then tried to execute the following INSERT statement:

INSERT INTO suppliers
( supplier_id, supplier_name )
( 1, 'IBM' );

You would receive the following error message:

You may want to correct this error by means of both enhancing the check constraint to allow the supplier_id column to contain a fee under 50 or you should try losing the check constraint.