Oracle / PLSQL: NEXT_DAY Function

This article is written about how to use the Oracle/PLSQL NEXT_DAY function with syntax and examples.


The Oracle/PLSQL NEXT_DAY function returns the first weekday that is greater than a date.


The syntax for the NEXT_DAY function in Oracle/PLSQL is:

NEXT_DAY( date, weekday )

Parameters or Arguments


A date value used to find the next weekday.


The day of the week that you wish to return. It can be one of the following values:

Value Description

SUNDAY First Sunday greater than date

MONDAY First Monday greater than date

TUESDAY First Tuesday greater than date

WEDNESDAY First Wednesday greater than date

THURSDAY First Thursday greater than date

FRIDAY First Friday greater than date

SATURDAY First Saturday greater than date


The NEXT_DAY function returns a date value.

Applies To

The NEXT_DAY function can be used in the following versions of Oracle/PLSQL:

Oracle 12c, Oracle 11g, Oracle 10g, Oracle 9i


Let’s look at some Oracle NEXT_DAY function examples and explore how to use the NEXT_DAY function in Oracle/PLSQL.

For example:

NEXT_DAY('01-Aug-03', 'TUESDAY')
Result: '05-Aug-03'

NEXT_DAY('06-Aug-03', 'WEDNESDAY')
Result: '13-Aug-03'

NEXT_DAY('06-Aug-03', 'SUNDAY')
Result: '10-Aug-03'