Resolve ORA-00257 Error Message in Oracle

Learn the cause and how to get to the bottom of the ORA-00257 error message in Oracle.


When you come across an ORA-00257 error, the following error message will appear:

ORA-00257: archiver is stuck. CONNECT INTERNAL only, until freed


While trying to archive a redo log file, the ARCH process encountered an error.


The option(s) to resolve this Oracle error are:

Option #1

This error can be precipitated when the destination gadget does not have adequate storage area to shop the redo log file.

Option #2

Check that the initialization parameter ARCHIVE_LOG_DEST in the initialization file is set correctly.

It might also be beneficial to check the archiver trace file for more important points on the problem.

Note: If this hassle is no longer resolved, Oracle will end executing transactions.