Learn Python – How to install Tkinter in Python- Basic and advance

Tkinter is a preferred library Python that used for GUI application. Tkinter with Python offers a simple and quick way to create GUI applications. Tk GUI works on the object-oriented method which makes it a powerful library. Tkinter is widely reachable for all working systems. It is pre-install in the Python. To work with the Tkinter, we need to installation the Python. In this tutorial, we will examine to installation Tkinter.


First, we ought to make certain that Python is mounted or now not in our system. If not, go to our tutorial (https://www.javatpoint.com/how-to-install-python) set up the Python properly.

To create a user-friend GUI application, you have fundamental knowledge of Python programming language.

Installing Tkinter in Windows

Tkinter comes with the Python installer. We just want to install Python from www.python.org, and it comes alongside with the Python. We do not want to installation it separately. Click on the checkbox of tcl/tk and IDE.

To take a look at the Tkinter, we just want to import it in the textual content editor or IDE.

import tkinter as tk  

Now, we can get admission to its functions to create widget. Let’s apprehend the following.

Example –

from tkinter import *  
root = Tk()  
# Code to add widget will go here……..  
w = Label(root, width = "40", height = "15")  


All elements will be taken location in this Tkinter window.