Install Redis on Ubuntu: Basic and advance

Follow the steps given below to deploy Redis on Ubuntu:

First setup a non-root consumer the use of sudo and then deploy build and test dependencies:

sudo apt update  
sudo apt full-upgrade  
sudo apt install build-essential tcl  

To continue press Y

Install Redis Server

Use the following command to installation Redis server:

sudo apt-get install redis-server  

Now Redis Server is installed. You can begin the Redis server:

Start Redis Server

You the following command to start redis server:


Start Redis Client

Redis server is began so you can start redis patron to make communication between them.


Verify if Redis is working

Execute the following command:


This will open a redis prompt.


In the above prompt, is machine’s IP tackle and 6379 is the port on which Redis server is running.

Now type the following PING command.

It specifies that Redis is successfully mounted on your system.

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