Redis Benchmarks: Basic and advance

Redis benchmark is a utility tool which is used to take a look at the overall performance of Redis with the aid of the use of multiple (n) command simultaneously.


redis-benchmark [option] [option value]  


Let’s call Redis Benchmarkcommands:

redis-benchmark -n 100000

See the list of accessible preferences in Redis benchmark:

Index Option Description Default Value
1 -h Specifies server host name
2 -p Specifies server port 6379
3 -s Specifies server socket
4 -c Specifies the number of parallel connections 50
5 -n Specifies the total number of requests 10000
6 -d Specifies data size of SET/GET value in bytes 2
7 -k 1=keep alive, 0=reconnect 1
8 -r Use random keys for SET/GET/INCR, random values for SADD
9 -p Pipeline requests 1
10 -h Specifies server host name


Let’s take an example to exhibit multiple usage alternatives in Redis benchmark utility.

redis-benchmark -h -p 6379 -t set,lpush -n 100000 -q    

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