Redis vs Other Key-Value Stores: Basic and advance

Key-value save is a distinct type of database storage gadget the place information is saved in form of key and price pairs.

Redis is exclusive compared to different key-value stores due to the fact of the following:

Redis is a exceptional evolution course in the key-value databases the place values can contain greater complex statistics types, with atomic operations defined on those statistics types.

Redis records types are intently related to quintessential records structures and are uncovered to the programmer as such, except additional abstraction layers.

Redis is an in-memory however continual on disk database, so it represents a exclusive change off where very excessive write and read speed is completed with the quandary of data sets that cannot be large than memory.

Another advantage of in memory databases is that the reminiscence illustration of complicated facts buildings is plenty easier to manipulate in contrast to the identical statistics shape on disk, so Redis can do a lot, with little inside complexity.

At the identical time the two on-disk storage formats (RDB and AOF) don’t want to be suitable for random access, so they are compact and always generated in an append-only fashion.