Resolved: ColdFusion : CreateDateTime : 13 digit epoch time


Is there an easy way to create ColdFusion now() into a 13 digit UTC Epoch Time
I found this code… But it shows a -1343911774836 I know I can force positive, but I don’t even know if the conversion is correct.
<cfset startDate = createdatetime(#now()#)> 
<cfset datetimeNow = dateConvert( "local2Utc", now() )>
<cfset UnixStamp = datediff( 's', startdate, datetimeNow )>
This works from RRK Comments
<cfset startDate = now()> 
<cfset datetimeNow = dateConvert( "local2Utc", now() )>


You can use the java getTime() method linked to data variables in Coldfusion.

If you have better answer, please add a comment about this, thank you!