Resolved: Excel EOMONTH function on range using TRANSPOSE

In this post, we will see how to resolve Excel EOMONTH function on range using TRANSPOSE


I noticed that if I try to use EOMONTH on more than one cell at a time on for instance:
1 1/1/2022
2 1/2/2022
3 1/3/2022
4 1/4/2022
5 1/5/2022
6 1/6/2022
7 1/7/2022
8 1/8/2022
9 1/9/2022
10 1/10/2022
11 1/11/2022
12 1/12/2022
13 1/13/2022

If I use the following formula: =EOMONTH(A1:A13,0)
I get a #VALUE! Error.
enter image description here
If I was to transpose the range (and transpose back to the original state) it works without errors:
enter image description here
Could someone explain this behaviour?
PS same goes for EDATE()

Best Answer:

The unary plus operator (+) is also sufficient to coerce an array return:

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