Resolved: How can I pass on an on click event to a component via props?

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I have a floating action button that I want to use to enable night mode but I have gotten stuck on how to pass the on the click event so that the mode actives. I am unsure of what I am doing wrong can someone give me some guidance?
I was trying to follow this guide. So far
tried to pass in the toggle theme into the on click listener and reference it in the function earlier in the code but it is not working properly, any guidance on how to improve will be appreicated. I am geting a theme and toggle not defined but I am unsure why as they are being initalized properly.
Would using context be better?
After updating the code to what was provided to me below minus the effect the page loads properly but I am unable to get on click to engage darkmode
I added this to the button and found no change

Best Answer:

useState can only be used in a functional component. If you are going to use a class component, you need to assign to this.state in the constructor, and this.setState to update the state. Your code should look something like this:

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