Resolved: How do I rebind `hjkl` to `jkl;`

In this post, we will see how to resolve How do I rebind hjkl to jkl;


I’ve been trying to rebind to proper touch typing keys, and it’s actually more complicated I expected. This is my init.vim:
Looks fine, right? Except it’s not. By default in vim, when you press Ctrl + W + k, your window will switch, regardless if you pressed k with Ctrl + W already being pressed down or in succession to Ctrl + W. However, with my key rebinds, the movement key must be pressed after releasing Ctrl + W. This ruins my workflow, as sometimes, I try to quickly switch window, and I fail because I didn’t release Ctrl + W quick enough.
How can I achieve a proper keybind without making window-switching less convenient? Thanks.

Best Answer:

If you look at :help CTRL-W_j and its friends, you will see that they all have a bunch of alternatives. The important one is <C-w><C-j>, which is what lets you keep your left pinky on Ctrl while you press j with the right index or keep your left pinky and index on Ctrl and w while you press j with the right index.

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