Resolved: How to access Bitrise iOS test results from Swift DangerFile?


I’m trying to implement danger-swift but I don’t know where I can access test results and flag failing ones from Bitrise.
I’m using a plugin for danger-swift called DangerXCodeSummary but I don’t know where Bitrise stores test results from xcode-test@2.
Bitrise script:

Best Answer:

You can see what outputs the step generates on the Workflow Editor UI, and alternatively in the Step’s repository in step.yml. For Xcode Test step specifically:
Am I right that you’re looking for the xcresult test output? If you are, you can read it from the BITRISE_XCRESULT_PATH environment variable (, which is the output of Xcode Test (once Xcode Test is finished, it sets this environment variable to the xcresult‘s path). Keep in mind this is in .xcresult format (the official Xcode test result format).

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