Resolved: How to capture data created from within a Hangfire job?

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I’m generating some new data within my Hangfire job:
How do I get this new data from the job into my controller so I can display it on the page?
The official documentation doesn’t seem to cover this, at least not as far as I can find. Answers to this question purport to cover it, I believe, but if so I’m not understanding how to actually implement it.
Here’s what I’ve got in my controller:
I tried passing a DTO-like object to Engine.Run() and then assigning the new values there, but they didn’t make it out for some reason.
Are those answers accomplishing what I’m after? If so, how would I integrate the solution into my existing code?

Best Answer:

It’s working now.
My confusion stemmed from the fact that I’d glossed over a certain nuance: the Schedule function takes an Expression(Of Action(Of IEngine)) and I was hung up on the false notion that it was referring to IEngine.Run(), thereby requiring it to be the Action in question.
I’m not sure where I came up with that idea, but it’s what was holding me back.
Once I changed the Run method to a function, I was able to get the result in the manner described in the answers.

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