Resolved: How to fix a build failure from trying a Flutter Chaquopy tutorial?


I’m trying to follow this tutorial: and I’m having troubles getting it to run. I followed the code in the example tab and changed the buttons to text buttons. I added the dependencies as described in the Readme tab up until it says to sync the project (added things to android\build.gradle, android\app\build.gradle, and AndroidManifest.xml). When I tried to build the project using the Run button in Android Studio (which I think is what it means by sync the project), I get a build failure.
This is the build failure:
Could someone please help me determine what might be the reason why I’m getting this failure? I followed the linked tutorial as best I could.

Best Answer:

“latest-version” is a placeholder. You should replace it with the actual latest version from this list.

If you have better answer, please add a comment about this, thank you!