Resolved: How to properly create URL Masking for Cloud Functions to create a NEG?


I’m trying to protect my Firebase Cloud Functions with Cloud Armor so I’m trying to setup Load Balancer. I created a Backend and added a Serverless Network Endpoint Group. In this panel, I can select only one cloud function but I have more than one cloud function so I have to use other option which is URL masking.
I’m following this guide:
Problem is:
When I try URL masking like this:<function>
It doesn’t work like this. I’ve readed official guides about NEG and URL masking but I really don’t understand how can I create a serverless network endpoint group containing all my cloud functions with an URL containing <function>.


As described in the documentation, if the pattern is <your function URL>/<functionName> (that is your case<function>), you have to set /<function> in the url mask

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