Resolved: Issue with Android MAUI .net picker – picker keeps reappearing

In this post, we will see how to resolve Issue with Android MAUI .net picker – picker keeps reappearing


Im trying to make a Android app using visual studio and MAUI . I have this XAML that display rows of data fetched from a mySQL DB, but I have a issue with the picker. When I first select a number in any of the pickers, it works fine and the picker selection closes and displays the selected number. And then if I open one of the other pickers ABOVE the first one it still works fine, but if I open a picker selection from one of the picker below, and select a number – it then shows the selected number as usual, but the picker selection window keeps reappearing again and again until i click Cancel, aslo it then shows back up no matter where I click in the rows (does not show up if I click outside of the listview)
I have tried alot of different things for hours, properly something real easy, but this is my first time trying out XAML and im hoping someone spots my error.

Best Answer:

This issue can be replicated on my side. To fix the picker selection window keeps popping up, you can use CollectionView as an alternative solution for now. There seems to be a focus issue when using Picker inside a ListView.
Here’s the XAML code below for your reference:

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