Resolved: Kubernetes Clusters and number of Pods


I am setting up a new project that will include a number of micro services (Spring Boot apps). I plan to use Kubernetes/Docker and deployment to AWS.
there will be 5 separate applications (microservices) tat will talk to each other over a REST api.
How many Clusters must I create?
Can I create just one Cluster with Nodes with multiples Pods (i.e. 5 Pods each Node)? AWS will then auto scale the nodes in the cluster.
+-------------+   +-------------+
|    Node 1   |   |    Node 2   |
+-------------+   +-------------+
|   Pod/App1  |   |   Pod/App1  |
|   Pod/App2  |   |   Pod/App2  |
|   Pod/App3  |   |   Pod/App3  |
|   Pod/App4  |   |   Pod/App4  |
|   Pod/App5  |   |   Pod/App5  |
+-------------+   +-------------+


Yes, you can use one AWS EKS that has one managed node group with two nodes to run your microservices. To create one, it is as simple as running a command eksctl create cluster. One thing to note is currently AWS EKS do not automatically scale node, you need to install cluster autoscaler that will scale up/down the number of nodes for you.

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