Resolved: Kubernetes with multus, and macvlan selecting the wrong interface eth0


I am working through some training on kubernetes and have the following config. 4 vm’s running ubuntu 20.04 with the, one master and 3 nodes with calico CNI. I managed to deploy some nginx pods and got the connectivity to work as expected/
I am trying to use multus to add a macvlan and have been following the instructions here
The server output for ip ad on the master shows (nodes show just the first 3 interfaces)
the output of kubectl describe network-attachment-definitions macvlan-conf
and from kubectl describe daemonsets.apps -n kube-system kube-multus-ds
When I create the samplepod from the instructions it remains in default samplepod 0/1 ContainerCreating 0 40m
A describe show the the following
There are references to eth0 in this log, but I have not specified eth0 in any of this config.
Am I missing something (quite likely)
Here is the samplepod output before the error showing the config

Best Answer:

Try the config from the official multus-cni repo –
Specifically focusing on the plugins part, i.e.:
The above is not a tested example BTW.
After making the change, do all the normal jazz, such as restarting the multus daemonset and deleting your pod.

If you have better answer, please add a comment about this, thank you!