Resolved: Mysql-Client Jumphost from Local Client to Webserver to DB Server without DB Server SSH User


My scenario looks as follows:
I have a web server and a DB server. On the webserver I have an SSH user with which I can connect to the database via mysql-client. The mysql port is restricted to the IP address of the webserver and I don’t have an SSH user on the DB server.
I thought that some kind of SSH tunnel should be possible here, but I couldn’t wrap my head around it yet.
I would have imagined something along these lines:
Tunnel: -> Webserver.IP:9999 -> DBserver.IP:3306
Mysql-Client CMD: mysql -u db_user -h -p -P 9999
If anyone can share an idea on if and how this can be implemented I would be very grateful.


I have found a solution that works for me..
Establish connection and keep it open: ssh -L 9999:[DB-SERVER.IP]:3306 [SSH-USER]@[WEB-SERVER.IP]
Connect to the local source port: mysql -h -P 9999 -u [DB-USER] -p

If you have better answer, please add a comment about this, thank you!