Resolved: Recording GNSS data with USRP N210

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I have no experience with using USRP as a front end to collect GNSS data.
But from many GNSS journal publications that I have read, the USRP N210 is famously used as a good GNSS front end. Thus, my supervisor had just purchased N210s for his GNSS research team and instructed me to figure out how to use them as a GNSS front end.
Can anyone tell me how I can collect GNSS/GPS data with it (i.e. how do I configure my host computer)?
And what platform (GNU Radio, NI LabView, MATLAB, etc.) do people commonly use? With said platforms, what should I configure?
I currently have a USRP N210 as well as an OctoClock-G CDA-2990 (with GPSDO) which I intend to use as a reference clock.

Best Answer:

You really don’t need a good frontend to record GNSS signals – as a matter of fact, many GNSS receivers use 4 bit (or even less) ADCs – simply because your quantization noise doesn’t matter much if the SNR is < 1 anyway!
The N210 is still a good choice, because e.g. gnss-sdr works nicely out of the box with it.
So, read the gnss-sdr tutorial. What you want is literally the first thing they do in that tutorial.

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