Resolved: Scraping on YouTube with Selenium – code doesn’t store my values

In this post, we will see how to resolve Scraping on YouTube with Selenium – code doesn’t store my values


I’m trying to write a script to scrape information from youtube channels. The script uses Selenium, and some parts of it seemed to work just fine on their own. However, once I created a function and put all the bits and pieces I did try on their own, the results don’t get stored.
So this is the code that works (i.e.: I run it and all my results are stored as expected)
But when I do this:
Nothing that’s been scraped is stored anywhere I can see. Can somebody explain to dumb ol’ me what the heck is wrong? Sorry if this is really something dumb, but I’m studying this stuff by myself to get a job, and I can’t really find something comprehensive & free to really teach me all there is to know, so I guess that my knowledge is really spotty. Thanks to everyone kind enough to help, If anything is unclear or I didn’t explain it right, please feel free to ask me as many questions as necessary… I really need this job!

Best Answer:

You just need to return the result from the defined function and print while calling it, That’s all.
and you see, we get the data back

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