Resolved: Select Data Risk classification as internal automatically

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I am trying to send outlook mail using VBA . Every time I run my macro a pop-up comes to me of TITUS stating as select data risk classification. My question is if there any way I can bypass it or select it automatically and send an email.
I have the attempted code snippets to achieve it from multiple sources from internet below.
Also please clear if objUserProperty.Value = "TLPropertyRoot=ABCDE;Classification=Internal;Registered to:My Companies; Registered to: (has to be actual company name)
Thanks in advance.

Best Answer:

You may contact Titus developers for the actual format of the string that needs to be set to avoid any popups from their add-in in Outlook. Also you may check out the sent items for properties set by the add-in, use any low-level property explorer tool such as MFCMAPI or OutlookSpy for that.

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