Resolved: three dots aka ellipsis in import statement before package name

In this post, we will see how to resolve three dots aka ellipsis in import statement before package name


I would like to know the purpose of a three-dots symbol aka ellipsis put before the package name in an import statement.
or this Github issue, where they call it an “ellipsis import” and where the three dots are followed by a space:

Best Answer:

  1. Three dots is not the Ellipsis object.
  2. According to the documentation, three dots in a relative import statement means “up two levels” (in other words, an equivalent for ../.. in shell):

7.11. The import statement When specifying what module to import you do not have to specify the absolute name of the module. When a module or package is contained within another package it is possible to make a relative import within the same top package without having to mention the package name. By using leading dots in the specified module or package after from you can specify how high to traverse up the current package hierarchy without specifying exact names. One leading dot means the current package where the module making the import exists. Two dots means up one package level. Three dots is up two levels, etc. So if you execute from . import mod from a module in the pkg package then you will end up importing pkg.mod. If you execute from ..subpkg2 import mod from within pkg.subpkg1 you will import pkg.subpkg2.mod. The specification for relative imports is contained in the Package Relative Imports section.

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