Resolved: Toggle work automatically inside the button


struct MoviesShow: View {
   @State var movies: [String] = [
    "JW 3",
    "Shwan RDS",
    "The Last Air Bender",
    "JW 2",
    "Spider Man 3",
    "The Great Wall",
    "My Love for Tiger",
   @State var isAZ: Bool = false
     var body: some View {
       ScrollViewReader { r in
           ScrollView {
               Button("Sorted By") {
                   if isAZ {
                   else {
               ForEach(movies, id: \.self) { movie in
                       .font(.system(size: 35))
If you look closely my button don’t have isAZ.toggle() inside meaning isAZ == false always. For some how this Button still work? Every time I click the order of sort change but the value of isAZ == false?


It does not really work logically.
Basically, your array movies always occurs reverse() which means it keeps reversing itself back and fourth.
Say you have: [Z, B, C]. Every time you press the button, this array occurs reverse() -> [C, B, Z] -> [Z, B, C] -> [C, B, Z] -> [Z, B, C].
However, it’s not really sorting your elements properly as it should. You still need some other conditions handle because your input data was not sorted in the first place.

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