Resolved: Twilio Studio IVR call disconnects before user the input is gathered


I am setting up an IVR flow in Twilio Studio. I have a function that validates the user’s phone number and then fetches some data. Once the data is fetched, I need to ask the user to input their zip code. I have used the “Gather Input On Call” widget. But the call gets disconnected as soon as the flow reaches this widget (event hangup is triggered).
Any idea what I could be missing? Is it possible to gather multiple digits as User Input in IVR flow?


If you use a Run Function Widget and want to return TwiML, you should use a TwiML redirect widget to call the Function instead, then use the suggested syntax below to return to the Studio flow.
TwiML Redirect Widget
Returning Control to Studio
To handle returning control to Studio, you need to specify a to the Studio Webhook URL and append ?FlowEvent=return. Any additional parameters specified in the return URL will be injected into the Studio context and addressable via Liquid template variables.

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