Resolved: velero backups failing for “backup resource list not found”


After the upgrade of velero from 1.3.2 to 1.7.7 backups started failing. When describing the failing backup:
velero backup describe mypod-20220204170020 --details

Name:         mypod-20220204170020
Namespace:    velero

Phase:  Failed (run `velero backup logs mypod-20220204170020` for more information)

Errors:    0
Warnings:  0

  Included:  mypod
  Excluded:  <none>

  Included:        *
  Excluded:        <none>
  Cluster-scoped:  auto

Label selector:  <none>

Storage Location:  default

Velero-Native Snapshot PVs:  auto

TTL:  168h0m0s

Hooks:  <none>

Backup Format Version:  1.1.0

Started:    2022-02-04 18:00:20 +0100 CET
Completed:  2022-02-04 18:00:41 +0100 CET

Expiration:  2022-02-11 18:00:20 +0100 CET

Total items to be backed up:  64
Items backed up:              64

Resource List:  <backup resource list not found>

Velero-Native Snapshots:  <error getting snapshot info: file not found>
At first sight it seems like the backups were made correctly:
Errors: 0
Warnings: 0
Items backup: 64 of 64
However, right at the bottom (and only when adding the –details flag with the describe command), you see these two mentions:
Resource List:  <backup resource list not found>
Velero-Native Snapshots:  <error getting snapshot info: file not found>
Is there some clever way to troubleshoot this further? Or do someone have thoughts on what might be the issue here?
  • Running on AKS (1.21.2)
  • Using velero-plugin-for-microsoft-azure:v1.3.1 for snapshots to azure

Much appreciated!


Not sure if this solves the issue for everyone, but it worked for me. After searching inside the velero source code repo, I located the following go package velero/pkg/cmd/util/output/backup_describer.go that contained the error message I found when describing the failing backup.
See line 328 (1) enter image description here
The hints at (2) in the source code led me to search on upload issues. As I am using the velero-plugin-for-microsoft-azure to handle uploads to Azure the following GitHub issue finally gave me the nudge in the right direction.
Seems like the velero-plugin-for-microsoft-azure required more memory (512Mi) since v1.5.3 (if I understood it correctly). The limits on my one were still at 256Mi and failing, I increased the limits to 512Mi and, presto! It started working again.
A big shout out to David L. Smith-Uchida whose breadcrumbs led me to the solution!

If you have better answer, please add a comment about this, thank you!