Resolved: What does “strict order” of sequence groups mean?

In this post, we will see how to resolve What does “strict order” of sequence groups mean?


3.5. Sequence Group section says

Elements enclosed in parentheses are treated as a single element, whose contents are strictly ordered. Thus, elem (foo / bar) blat matches (elem foo blat) or (elem bar blat), and

Given exactly one element is allowed what exact payload does the “strictly ordered” part carry?

Best Answer:

The sequence group (a b c) is just for grouping the given elements. This is used for repetitions like
The entries inside the sequence group must appear in the given order. Then the sequence group itself can appear/match based on other operators (like the * operator above).
The example shown in 3.5 Sequence Group is only for shown the issue between
that the () is needed when you want a matching of elem foo blat or elem bar blat.

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