Solved: How to disable all caps menu titles in Visual Studio


I assume the title is self explanatory. Just want to change the look of the Visual Studio 2012 not to show menu title in all capital letters.

Best Answer:

Richard Banks posted about a registry key for just such a tweak.

Visual Studio 2012 (Full)

In PowerShell, you can run this to set that registry key and the uppercase goes away.

Visual Studio Express 2012

The above registry key is not the one that will affect Visual Studio Express 2012 RC. A comment by FormatC showed up on Banks post about the key for Express. You can find that key mentioned in Mike Gleason’s answer or run the following PowerShell command to set it.

Visual Studio Express 2012 for Web

Visual Studio 2013

Replace 11.0 with 12.0 in the registry keys above.

Visual Studio 2015 Developer Preview

Replace 11.0 with 14.0 in the registry keys above.

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