Solved: Is there a format code shortcut for Visual Studio?


In Eclipse there is a shortcut, Ctrl+Shift+F, that re-indents code and fixes comments and blank lines. Is there an equivalent for Visual Studio 2010?

Best Answer:

Visual Studio with C# key bindings

To answer the specific question, in C# you are likely to be using the C# keyboard mapping scheme, which will use these hotkeys by default:
Ctrl+E, Ctrl+D to format the entire document.
Ctrl+E, Ctrl+F to format the selection.
You can change these in menu ToolsOptionsEnvironmentKeyboard (either by selecting a different “keyboard mapping scheme”, or binding individual keys to the commands “Edit.FormatDocument” and “Edit.FormatSelection”).
If you have not chosen to use the C# keyboard mapping scheme, then you may find the key shortcuts are different. For example, if you are not using the C# bindings, the keys are likely to be:
Ctrl + K + D (Entire document)
Ctrl + K + F (Selection only)
To find out which key bindings apply in your copy of Visual Studio, look in menu EditAdvanced menu – the keys are displayed to the right of the menu items, so it’s easy to discover what they are on your system.
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