Solved: My class component dispatch my action to reducer,but it show NULL array in store


I’m new learner in reacr-redux,I used react-reduct in my porject, and some thing wrong ,the problem is what topic expound on, after, I use function component with the same action and reducer, it can work on useSelcect and useDispatch,so I think action and reducer is fine, but I can’t understand what happended in class component!
here are my code:
My action of createPlayerCard:
and the reducer of PlayerCard:
and the result: enter image description here
I konw reducer dont recommand that using the same array , but I only use createPlayerCard one time to initial the card,and when I use dipsath in function component,it could work,I think the problem is not here, May someone could help me figure out what the problem is? i will be grateful for yor help!!!!!!!

Best Answer:

Create Player Card Action is the Props of the Test Component. You have to Call as
Also In your CreatePlayer action you have to dispatch the types.. Right Now You are just returning the object..

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